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Thread: Results of online dating test – nearly all women react to negatives?

Thread: Results of online dating test – nearly all women react to negatives?

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Results of online test that is dating the majority of women react to negatives?

We have published this on hq and wished to share it to you guys also. Now, the numbers aren’t by any means conclusive since this was just one test, that can easily be duplicated by other people in that case wished, to gain a far more tangible understanding. But the test size appears large enough for me personally as well as an outlier that is clear suggest constant predictions.

I’ve been internet dating in a central European nation to finally place AWALT to sleep for myself.

I would personally connect screenshots you wouldn’t understand the language, so I’ll just summarise for you, but –

We mass messaged 750 pages completely till now, with various games (in varying variety of contacted profiles) and introductions. Got 29 times, no NAWALT so far.

What exactly is interesting is the fact that i’ve discovered down that negative titles be noticeable the absolute most and also garner the absolute most responses. Wen conclusion i will just just take out of this is the fact that females think it’s great an individual dramatises their time just a little, since most communications are “boring” within their eyes. Fundamentally you must play the clown (no person that is self-respecting wish to behave that way in real world) to obtain their attention and also this is certainly not in the usa head you.

The games had been –

“can you think this works? ” – 2% reaction – 2 times (Many normal females, simply were not versatile) “This will not work” – 6% reaction – 16 times (Some good conversations, all pretty tire that is much or loonies, although one had been nice, simply was not interested in her, but our company is nevertheless in contact sometimes) “will you be actually a lady? ” – 35% reaction – 11 times (huge daddy dilemmas, some old celebration girls, mostly losers with dead end jobs or nevertheless their studies at uni at 32 )

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